Wednesday, April 22, 2009

People who can't use elevators

So after a hard days work all i can think about is getting in my car and fighting bumper to bumper traffic ... oops another rant for another day, and of course the elevator stops on every floor. Ignore this and it moves down another floor. The guy waits for the doors to open to their outermost limits, gives me a snapper head smile and finally saunters in. As the doors are closing, the helpful recording of a lady who sounds constipated interrupts the ambience and announces we are "going down". The guy makes a lewd joke hoping i would see the funny side and realises now that he actually wanted to go up....aaarrrrrggghhhhhhh.
People, elevators have lights that point up or down, please look at them before getting in the lift as all you are doing is delaying my departure.

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